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The 'All in One' map features every destination in our database and has excellent geolocation features as well as postcode and regional search to help you find exactly what you're looking for.Try the Search Map now


Geolocation allows you to find your exact location on the Britain Explorer mega-map.

This search tool only works when you’re on the mega-map page.

To activate geolocation click on the icon marked in the adjacent screenshot.

Your computer may ask your permission to activate this feature. Typically it will say something like: ‘A programme would like to use your location. Allow?’ Click yes.

An Icon will appear on the map indicating your current location. You can now easily see which destinations are closest to you.

This feature generally works best with the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

You may see a message appear on the screen stating: Error: The Geolocation service failed. This is because of the settings in your browser or internet security programme. It typically occurs when using the Internet Explorer browser. Please adjust your settings or Switch to Firefox or Chrome.

Geolocation icon

Navigate to the Map Search Page. Click on the search icon (magnifying glass) on the far left of the screen.

The Listings Search Panel will open. Select and click on the ‘By Address’ tab.

You now have the option to enter an address or a postcode or both.

For postcodes just start typing in the letters and numbers. As you type a list of possible options appears bellow the text box.

When you see the option that you want you must click on it. This activates the search feature. Just typing in a postcode and then enter is not enough.

Once the location has been selected the map will swiftly realign to centre in on the chosen address or postcode.

You can now easily see all nearby destinations.

The system also works for addresses and will provide options as you enter the information. For example: If you enter ‘1 Knight’ you will be offered the address ‘1 Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom’.

It is now possible to further refine your search results.

If you only want to see certain categories of destination then click on the ‘Pin’ icon on the far left of the page to activate the categories filter system.

Full instructions about how to use the map filters are available in the next information panel.

Poscode Search Graphic

Mega Map – Using Category Filters

By default the Map Search will display all destination in the Britain Explorer database – which is why it can take a few moments to load.

You can now access the filters section of the page as shown in the adjacent screenshot.

By clicking on one of the main categories you can ensure that the map only displays destinations that interest you.

Each of the main categories includes a number of subcategories of similar or related destinations. For example:

Heritage Properties (includes:)

  • Battlefields
  • Bridges
  • Castle Mounds
  • Castles
  • Cave Houses
  • Follies
  • Forts and Bunkers
  • Grand Houses and Palaces
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Lighthouses
  • Maritime
  • Roman Buildings
  • Watermills
  • Windmills

Map search also displays icons for each of these sub categories to make your search experience easier. By clicking on the icon you will be able to see a brief information panel and the opportunity to visit the full destination page.

Categories Filter Diagram

Category Icons

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