BritainExplorer.Com appeals to the many thousands of people who are interested in fascinating destinations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and would like to travel to many of them. This means that your advertising can be specifically targeted to appear on our pages that feature British dewstinations that are geographically close to you. This dramatically increases the effectiveness of your advertising and gives you an opportunity to be their destination-of-choice before they visit.


Any company involved in the tourist industry!

People visit BritainExplorer.Com because they are interested in the subjects we feature. Many use our website to help them plan their trips and identify places they will visit. And … because they are traveling they will need accommodation, restaurants, entertainment, tours, car rental, travel support and entertainment. By advertising you can make yourself visible to people who are many times more likely to actually visit.


If you represent a curious destination or organisation in the UK then we may be able to add it to BritainExplorer.Com as a specific article. This editorial review is a full and dedicated entry in the main section of the website and is an excellent way to promote your enterprise.

We do not charge an advertising fee for including your article which is assured of remaining part of the main website for a minimum of two years, and probably much longer, subject to the material remaining relevant and in existence. However, we do charge a fee for the preparation of the original review which incorporates copywriting, photography and web-setting regardless of materials provided. Travel and sustenance expenses will be charged as extra but will be quoted and agreed prior to the commencement of the project. A 25% deposit will be required in advance with the balance payable 30 days after invoicing which will be issued following the completion and publication of the review. BritainExplorer.Com reserves the right to remove the article from the website if full payment has not been received within the specified time. Final editorial content is subject to the decision of the Managing Editor of BritainExplorer.Com although every effort will be made to ensure your succesful placement. Only destinations and subjects that can demonstrate that they represent something “curious, unusual or of exceptional general interest” can be considered for a review. For example, an everyday pub would not comply with our editorial criteria but if that same pub was once the centre of a Cornish smuggling ring or was historically associated with a famous event then it becomes ‘curious’ and thus eligible for inclusion. Hauntings, strange traditions, lost treasures, unusual architecture, strange locations, historical significance, famous events, lost gardens, secret passages, mentions in literature and associations with famous people are some of the criteria we look for when selecting subjects for inclusion.


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