1.1. The website associated with the domain britainexplorer.com  (“The Website”) is a privately owned, non-government, website which actively seeks to raise revenues from advertising and sponsorship.  The objective of this policy is to produce guidance with regard to the type of advertisements which can be placed on The Website without being too prescriptive or detailed.

A) For the purpose of clarity, the Term ‘Advertising’ is used in this document to mean all forms of advertising and sponsorship.

B.1. For the purpose of clarity the Term ‘BritainExplorer.Com’  is used to refer The Website, Its Owners, Management, Employees and contractors.

B.2. For the purpose of clarity the term ‘The Website’  is used to refer all electronically transmitted information – excluding third party data – from the britainexplorer.com internet domain.

C)  Wherever possible it is the policy of BritainExplorer.Com to facilitate the successful acquisition and placement of third party Advertising within The Website and will therefore permit appropriate Advertising subject to:

C.1. the payment of the appropriate fees and,

C.2.  on the condition that the advertising is considered acceptable.

D) The Advertising conforms to the values (The Code) set out by the (British) Advertising Standards Authority through The Committee of Advertising Practice – CAP.  A copy of this document can be accessed in PDF format from the following web address:


The basic principles of the codes are that advertisements should be:

  • Legal, honest,  decent and truthful
  • Created with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society
  • In accord with the principles of fair competition generally accepted in business and that The codes are applied in the spirit  of The Code as well as to the letter

All advertisements must comply with the guidelines laid out by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

BritainExplorer.Com, its management and Owners reserve the right to accept or refuse advertising solely at their own discretion and without recourse to appeal.

1.2. The acceptance of any advertisement or sponsorship by The Website does not constitute endorsement  of the advertiser or its products or its services by BritainExplorer.Com.

BritainExplorer.Com offers  no warranties regarding the effectiveness, quality or reliability of the services or products offered by advertisers on The Website.

BritainExplore.Com accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection to any advertisement appearing on the Website.

1.3. Third party ad-serving and tracking is not permitted unless under special circumstances and with the written permission of BritainExplorer.Com.


Every effort is made to accept advertising on The Website.  It is the stated policy of BritainExpolorer.Com to actively increase the number of advertisements and advertisers which are acceptable and, at its discretion, to assist advertisers to comply so as to minimise the number of advertisements that cannot be accepted.

2.1. Prohibited Services Or Products
Most products or services can be advertised on The Website.  However, the following categories may not be advertised:
2.1.1. Companies or organisations that may be deemed to be in ‘competition with’ BritainExplorer.com.
2.1.2. Gambling organisations –  with the exception of  those directly linked to tourist attractions or deemed to be tourist attractions in their own capacity.
2.1.3. Organisations or companies promoting competitions that require an entry fee and / or require entrants to supply personal information or data.
2.1.4. Advertisements that exclude UK citizens from any benefits offered.
2.1.5. Advertising the that could be interpreted as discriminating on the basis of race, sex, disability, gender preference, age or religion.
2.1.6. Advertisements that may be perceived to be racist, sexist, sexually explicit, ageist or in contravention of the legalities of the county of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

2.2. Specific Products That May Not Be Advertised:
2.2.1. All tobacco products and the Manufacturers of tobacco products where the context is purely tobacco-related.
2.2.2. Alcohol products and the Manufacturers of alcohol products.
2.2.3. “Adult  / X-rated Products or the Manufacturers of the same.
2.2.4. Gambling, Gambling Products,  or the Manufacturers of the same gambling-related, with the exceptions described in 2.1.2.


3.1. The Britain Explorer name, logo and/or other designs related to the corporate identity of The Website may not be included in any advertising layout or design without the express permission, in writing, of BritainExplorer.Com.

3.2. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check the appropriateness of their advertisement (and of each placement of the advertisement  in the case of multiple insertions.

3.3. BritainExplorer.com  will try to meet the advertiser’s requirement for preferred positioning but retains the final decision on such positioning.


4.1. All advertisements and advertorial will be reviewed by the management of BritainExplorer.Com prior to placement on The Website.  BritainExplorer.Com reserves the right to withhold placement if the Advertisement is deemed to be inappropriate or contravening the terms of the Advertising Policy.  The Advertiser will be notified of the decision to withhold placement and the reason

4.2. BritainExplorer.Com will require a 25% payment of the specified Advertising fee on signature of the booking agreement.  Placement of the advertisement will only take place after receipt of this initial payment.

4.3. The Advertise is required to pay the balance of the fee within 28 days from the date of invoice.

4.4. Should the Advertiser choose to withdraw their advertising prior to the completion of the scheduled duration of placement, the advertiser will still be liable to pay the agreed amount.  Refunds for early termination are not provided.

4.5. If the BritainExplorer.com  has incurred any design expenses on the advertiser’s behalf it shall invoice the advertiser for that amount.

4.6. BritainExplorer.Com reserves the right to refuse any individual advertisement not deemed appropriate without explanation and if required,  can suspend or permanently remove any advertisement immediately and without prior notification.


5.1. The Website may accept advertising from Google Adsense.  In this instance all adverts are subject to the terms and conditions set out by Google.

5.2. Every effort has been made to ensure that adverts placed via Google Adsense do conform to the same standards set out in sections 1 to 3. of this document. However, due to the nature of the Adsense technology, the placement mechanism and control of the programme resides with Google.  Google advertisements are all clear marked as such by Google themselves. Any complaints regarding advertising ‘served’ by Google should be addressed to Google’s Advertising Complaints Department.

5.2. At present, advertisements cannot be associated with specific keywords unless via Google Adsense.