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Camster Grey Cairns

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The Camster Grey Cairns are two of the finestt examples of Neolithic chambered cairns in Britain. Dating back to around 3500BC archaeological evidence suggests that they were in continuous used for an extend period. They are located near the top of Ballharn Hill – an elevated peat moor on the side of a gentle slope overlooking a narrow burn and forested valley. The site is exactly 3 miles west of the iron age settlement ‘Broch of Yarrows’ and just over the hill from Loch Camster. Researchers believe that there were originally three round-barrow cairns but two of them were combined to create a single long-barrow with forecourt and horns typical of the Cotswold-Severn Group. The round cairn is believed to be the more ancient of the two and excavations of this site have revealed skeletons, burnt bones, flint tools and pottery. Camster Long-Cairn features two internal chambers which can be accessed from an entrance in the eastern side of the barrow. As with most other Neolithic cairns in Britain it appears that they were used for burials and ritual ceremonies.

Please note the Camster Cairns are in an isolated part of Scotland and can be both difficult and dangerous to access during winter periods of sub zero temperatures and / or snowfall. During Summer the area surrounding the cairns is often swarming with Highland Midges – a small flying and biting insect. People with allergies to insect bites should take extra special precautions.



Camping and Caravanning Club Site
Jubilee Park Road, Dingwall
Highlands, Scotland, IV15 9QZ
+44 (0)1349 862 236

Contact Details

  • Address: C1029, Lower Camster (Nr wick), Caithness, Scotland, United Kingdom, KW3 6BD
  • GPS: 58.37991111,-3.266955556
  • Phone: 0044 (0)1667 460 232
  • Part of UK: Scotland
  • Sat Nav Postcode: KW3 6BD
  • Entrance Fees: Free Entry
  • Disabled Access: Limited / Some steps & narrow wooden path
  • Visibility from Road: Reasonable to Good

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