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Carisbrooke Castle

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Parts of Carisbrooke Castle may date back to pre-roman times. The site is mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle with a reference to 544 AD. First occupied by the Jutes around 680AD it was taken over by the Anglo Saxons around 760 AD. Around 1010 AD it was further fortified with an outer wall to protect it from Viking raiders.

Over the next 200 years successive members of the de Redvers’ family strengthened and expanded the castle. It was sold to King Edward in in 1293 and has been held by the Crown ever since. The French set out to attack it in 1377 but failed to capture the fortifications and retreated after the death of their commander. Additional fortifications were added in preparation for a Spanish invasion but with the defeat of the Spanish Armada by Sir Francis Drake the danger receded.

King Charles I was jailed at Carisbrooke Castle for 14 months prior to his execution in 1649. In 1650 two of the children of the murdered King were also imprisoned at Carisbrooke. Princess Elisabeth Stuart was 14 at the time and sickley. The move to Carisbrooke Castle proved too much for her and she died shortly after her arrival. Prince Henry stayed at Carisbrooke until he was released in 1652 and allowed to leave England for France.

At the time of Princess Elizabeth Stuart’s death there were many rumours that she had been murdered although it is more likely she died of tuberculosis. Some sightings of a ghostly grey lady have been linked to the death of the princess. Other restless spirits seen by people include a giant man dressed in a white gown and a huntsman. The castle is famous for its donkey powered pumps and very deep wells.



Camping and Caravanning Club Site
Lower Road, Adgestone
Isle of Wight, England, PO36 0HL
+44 (0)1983 403 432

Contact Details

  • Address: Castle Hill, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom, PO30 1XY
  • GPS: 50.68731944,-1.312761111
  • Phone: 0044 (0)1983 523 112
  • Part of UK: England
  • Sat Nav Postcode: PO30 1XY
  • Entrance Fees: Yes
  • Disabled Access: Reasonable - Upper levels not accessible to wheelchair users
  • Visibility from Road: Good - Exterior Only

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