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Castle Campbell

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Castle Campbell is a Scottish Tower house and fortress located high on a promontory of the Ochil Hills and overlooking the town of Dollar in the county of Clackmannshire. It is flanked on two sides by swiftly flowing hill-streams that have cut narrow but deep chasms into the rock. Known as ‘The Burn of Care’ and The Burn of Sorrow’, both river glens are well forested providing the castle with excellent defensive terrain. Castle Campbell was constructed during the first quarter of the 15th century and was originally called Castle Glume – pronounced Gloom. Initially owned by Clan Stuart it passed through marriage to Clan Campbell at the end of the 15th century. It saw sustained conflict during the War of the Three Kingdoms and was the target of at least one revenge attack by Clan Ogilvy. The Campbells, under the leadership of Archibald Campbell, 8th earl of Argyll, were originally Royalists but switched sides to Oliver Cromwell and the parliamentarian forces. Angered by the what was seen as the Campbell’s betrayal of King Charles several other Scottish clans attacked and torched Castle Campbell in 1654. It was only partially restored . After Cromwell died and King Charles II was restored to the throne the Archibald Campbell was executed for treason on the 27th May 1661.The castle was never reoccupied and fell into ruin. It was taken over by Historic Scotland in 1948.

On a sunny summer’s day the castle is picturesque and pleasant but if the clouds are boiling over the hill and night is setting in, the fortress resumes its brooding air of menace. Strange ghostly mists swirl around the battlements as if they have a life of their own – and many people in the village of Dollar still believe that there is a lurking and malevolent presence residing with the ruined walls. Sensitive souls might shiver a littlw when they find out about of the mysterious silver mines and cruelty of the pit prison.


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Contact Details

  • Address: Castle Road, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, FK14 7PP
  • GPS: 56.17580304440783,-3.706941604614258
  • Phone: 0044 (0)1259 742 408
  • Part of UK: Scotland
  • Sat Nav Postcode: FK14 7PP
  • Entrance Fees: Yes
  • Visibility from Road: Not Visible

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