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Lulworth Cove

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Lulworth Cove is so perfectly circular that it looks like the impact site of a meteor or the remnants of an ancient volcanic cone.  In fact, it was formed because there are bands of rock of alternating resistance running parallel to the shore.  These have worn away at different but balance rates creating the template for the cove.  Tidal action through the narrow channel created a waves that swirled inside with an arcing motion that polished the circular form.  So perfect is Lulworth Cove that it has been awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO.

Lulworth Cove is part of the Jurassic coast of England and fossil finds are not uncommon.  Geologists and palaeontologists have long been fascinated with the area and research has shown that the sands beneath the sea bed represent the largest British oil field outside the North Sea area with some of the highest quality hydrocarbons in Europe. The land and coast north of the cove and surrounding the village is part of the Lulworth Estate.  There is a large visitor parking area northeast of Lulworth Cove.


Lulworth Cove has appeared in a number of films and documentaries.  It was one of the final shots in the movie ‘World War Z’ (2013) starring Brad Pitt and was used to represent the safe haven of Nova Scotia.   It has been used as a set for both the film Nuts and in the much acclaimed Dr. Who TV series.  Thomas Hardy, the great British poet even wrote a poem entitled: “At Lulworth Cove a Century Back”.

Contact Details

  • Address: Lulworth Heritage Centre, Main Road, Lulworth, Dorset, England - BH20 5RQ
  • GPS: 50.61783129055233,-2.2472322767212063
  • Phone: +44 (0)1929 400 587
  • Part of UK: England
  • Sat Nav Postcode: BH20 5RQ
  • Entrance Fees: Free Access (Car Parking Fees Apply)
  • Disabled Access: Fair (fairly steep tarmac path / road to cove waterfront)
  • Visibility from Road: None

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