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Millennium Bridge

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Construction started on the London Millennium Footbridge in 1998 and was opened in 2000 to mark the beginning of a new 1000 year period in the history of London. Located between Blackfriars Railway Bridge and Southwark Bridge, it spans the River Thames and links the City of London with Bankside. It was the first bridge to be built across the London Thames since 1894. Designed by Sir Norman Foster the original concept described new bridge design as a ‘blade of light’.

Constructed as a suspension bridge, it is largely made from steel and is for pedestrian use only. Over 90,000 people are estimated to have crossed it within the first 24 hours. Reports state that the cost of the bridge was £18.2M and was largely paid for by the London Bridge Trust and the Millennium Commission.

Attractions located near the southern (Bankside) end of the bridge include the Bankside Gallery, the Globe theatre, and Tate Modern art gallery. On the City of London side the most striking feature is the dome of St. Paul’s cathedral which is directly aligned with the angle of bridge. Other attractions include, the Museum of London, Temple of Mithras and The Old Bailey courts. Almost immediately after it was opened people reported that they felt as if the new structure was swaying as they walked across it and the bridge was swiftly closed for investigation. It stayed closed for two years until engineers were satisfied that the ‘sway’ had been corrected and stabilised. With a typically British sense of humour it was quickly nicknamed the ‘Wobbly Bridge’ – a name which has stuck to this day. It was reopened in 2002.

The cause of the vibration was eventually traced to a phenomenon caused by pedestrians unconsciously stepping in sync when crossing a suspension bridge that has a minor sway thus resulting in a significant worsening of the effect. This became known as synchronous lateral excitation. These vibrations stimulated an artistic representation of the higher-frequency resonances during Fontana’s ‘Harmonic Bridge’ exhibition that took place at the nearby Tate Modern museum during 2006.

The bridge has been seen in at least two blockbuster films. It is seen to be destroyed by Death Eaters in the ‘Harry Potter’ film ‘The Half Blood Prince’ and features in the more recent Marvel Film – Guardians of the Galaxy – during the final battle on Xandar.


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  • Address: The Millennium Bridge, Peter's Hill, North Bank, London, England, UK, EC4V 4BG
  • GPS: 51.5110884,-0.0971822000000202
  • Part of UK: England
  • Sat Nav Postcode: EC4V 4BG
  • Entrance Fees: Free Access
  • Disabled Access: Excellent
  • Visibility from Road: Excellent

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