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Saltram House

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Saltram House is a structure of great architectural beauty situated in one of the most attractive parts of the country.  It can be found in Plympton, Devon, a former ancient stannary town, famous for once trading in local tin and a seaport. This all changed when the River Plym silted up making it impassable to shipping. However, for all its grandeur and elegance it may have had a trobled past if the number of alleged ghostly happenings are anything to go by. Dating back to King George II, the original structure is much changed and the building that can be seen today is largely the work of Robert Adam. Adam was a Scottish neoclassical architect, the son of William Adam, one of Scotland’s top and well respected exponents of the profession. Robert served his apprenticeship under the guidance of his father. Adam was renowned for his interior and furniture designs and visitors can see some of his finest work in the main drawing room at Saltram House. The house is considered to be one of the finest preserved early Georgian buildings in Britain with its plaster work, decor and furnishings all being original.

The house was once the home of the Parker family. John Parker was 1st Earl of Morley and a member of the House of Lords. Known as ‘Jack’ he was born in 1772, the only son of John Parker the 1st Baron of Boringdon, of Saltram, Devon and Theresa Robinson, the daughter of the 1st Lord Grantham. The Parker family were not without their scandals and gambling, drinking, adultery and debt were said to be rife within their ranks. In 1957, the house became the property of the National Trust and is open to the public.

The house is steeped in history, much of which is documented in archives and books but much more will be known only to the families and workers that throughout its history have resided or worked in this beautiful period property.

The house sits in its own grounds consisting mostly of 19th century gardens that are open throughout the year but may have restricted access during some months. Checking with the National Trust website is advised.

In 1995, it was used as a location for the filming of ‘Sense and Sensibility.’


Saltram House, whilst beautiful and full of history, is not perhaps a location that might immediately strike visitors as a place of ghostly hauntings.

Stories have been written about a hooded ghost believed to be a former kitchen maid, her name long since forgotten. She has been seen gliding through the solid door leading to the dining room where she vanishes without being seen on the other side. This spectre is believed to have been the victim of a murder although the facts relating to her case are sadly lost in history.

The spirit of a child has also been seen in Saltram House by a resident who was woken from their sleep and saw a phantom sitting at the foot of their bed. The child said nothing but stayed motionless for a few minutes before ‘melting away’ into thin air. Because the building has been changed over time it is not known when and where either of these alleged sightings was made.


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Contact Details

  • Address: Merafield Road, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, England, United Kingdom, PL7 1UH
  • GPS: 50.38156389,-4.082397222
  • Phone: 0044 (0)1752 333 503
  • Part of UK: England
  • Sat Nav Postcode: PL7 1UH
  • Entrance Fees: Yes
  • Visibility from Road: None
  • Image Credits: Header Image: Lee Morris

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