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Talacre Point of Ayr Lighthouse

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As the sun sets and the sea sweeps in across Talacre beach the lighthouse often seems to float on the waves. It’s a mysterious and beautiful optical illusion that attracts visitors from all across Britain. Correctly known as the ‘Point of Ayr’ Lighthouse, it was originally built in 1776 by a Trust of the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of Chester to help guide ships away from the nearby sandbanks and provide a bearing for the great port of Liverpool to the northeast and mark the Mersey and the Dee. Unusually for a lighthouse, the tower was actually built on the beach. Around 1818 the original building was destroyed by the sea and in 1820 it was taken over by Trinity House and a more robust tower was erected in its place. This is the building still standing today.

It is around 60 ft tall, 18ft in diameter and has oak pile foundations and originally featured two lights. One was directed at shipping out to sea whilst the second beam illuminated the mouth of the River Dee. After being replaced by an ocean-based metal-pile lighthouse, the Talacre tower was decommissioned between 1883 and 1844. Over the years it slowly fell into disrepair.
In 2010 a stainless steel figure – The keeper – was erected on the balcony as an artistic project mutually agreed by the then owner and the Flintshire County Council. In 2011 the landmark was offered for sale.

Talacre Lighthouse has been featured in both television programmes and adverts. It is most well known as the lighthouse in the Dulux paint advert.
The Point of Ayr, ‘Y Parlwr Du’ in Welsh, is the northernmost point of mainland Wales and is located 540 yards to the north of the Talacre Beach Caravan Park. It can also be accessed from Station Road to the east.

The dunes surrounding Talacre Lighthouse are recognised as having a Special Scientific Interest as they are inhabited by a precious collection of natterjack toads.


Talacre ‘Point of Ayr’ Lighthouse is definitely haunted! That’s the belief of many hundreds of people who have visited it over the decades. People who live nearby claim to have seen ghostly lights and there are many accounts of dogs refusing to go near it and whining in fear if brought too close by their owners. Visitors to the tower often reported that they felt a threatening presence and many claimed to have felt physically nauseous while inside.

The most common spectre seen by people is a distinct figure prowling the light room and balcony dressed in old-fashioned lighthouse keeper clothes. He can appear at any time and even in bright sunlight. According to the BBC, a woman named Jo from Hereford took five children to visit the Lighthouse and within 24 hours of their visit four of the five were running fevers. It was only later that she discovered that one of the Lighthouse keepers had died of a fever. Mediums who have visited the tower claim to feel a great sadness in the ether emanating from a man with a broken heart.
There are so many more accounts of paranormal visions and sensations that it may be fair to say that Talacre Tower is probably Britain’s most haunted lighthouse.


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Contact Details

  • Address: Station Road, Talacre, Flintshire, Wales, United Kingdom, CH8 9RP
  • GPS: 53.35700556,-3.322186111
  • Part of UK: Wales
  • Sat Nav Postcode: CH8 9RP
  • Entrance Fees: Free Access (Very limited internal access)
  • Disabled Access: Poor (wet sand surrounds the Lighthouse)
  • Visibility from Road: Poor / Can be seen from beach parking
  • Image Credits: Header Image: Meirion Matthias

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