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Trevethy Quoit

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Located between St Cleer and Darite in Cornwall, Trevethy Quoit, is known by locals as the ‘giant’s house’. Standing nine feet tall it comprises of five standing stones and is topped with a large capstone weighing around 20 tonnes.

In 1584 the quoit was first mentioned in a publication on the history of Britain by John Norden, an English cartographer, chorographer and antiquary born in Somerset. Studies have revealed that the structure was built during the Neolithic period between 3500-2500 BC. It is not clear what the quoit was used for but it is thought that it served as a burial chamber for the local community. Trevethy Quoit, like others of its type, originally would have been covered by a mound.

Cornish portal graves often have a special feature that are different to those found in other locations. This is a small partially closed area located just before the front end of the quoit. This is often known as an ‘entrance stone’ although, in most cases the stone cannot be moved. Trevethy Quoit is rare because it does have a movable access. There is a hole at the top of the stone which some experts think may have been used for astrological purposes although this is only a suggestion and no one really knows why it is there but it has been established that it was manmade.
The quoit stands isolated on the southern edge of Bodmin Moor. It is well preserved although there has been movement over the centuries of some the stones. However, most remain in their original positions and it is one of the finest examples of a monument from this historic period.

Access to the quoit is free of charge and the monument is owned by English Heritage. Bodmin Moor is a beautiful location and thousands of people enjoy visiting it every year. Nevertheless, the terrain can be hazardous and the weather is very unpredictable. It is easy to get lost on the moor and many people do each year. Hikers and fell walkers should make sure they have the right clothing, footwear, maps, equipment, food and drink before setting out. Visiting the quoit requires a reasonable level of fitness and the terrain will not be suitable for all visitors.


Trevethy Quoit attracts attention from both paranormal groups and individuals and ‘dowsing’ has taken place at the site and claims have been made that ‘energy forces’ have been detected. Dowsing is the use of non-scientific apparatus such as a stick to locate things under the ground ranging from water to treasure.
There are said to have been sightings of the mythical (some say real) Beast of Bodmin Moor in the area close to Trevethy Quoit. However, tales of this elusive cryptid should not put off anyone from visiting this remarkable location.



Camping and Caravanning Club Site
B3357 (Rd), Higher Longford, Moorshop, Tavistock
Devon, England, PL19 9LQ
+44 (0)1822 618 672

Contact Details

  • Address: B3254 Road, Darite, St.Cleer, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom, PL14 5JY
  • GPS: 50.49318333,-4.455391667
  • Part of UK: England
  • Sat Nav Postcode: PL14 5JY
  • Entrance Fees: Free Access
  • Disabled Access: Limited - Access via style & dirt path
  • Visibility from Road: Reasonable to good
  • Image Credits: Header Image: Helen Hotson

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