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Ready Camp UK

  • Posted: Jul 15, 2015
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Ben Fogle Announces ‘Ready Camp’ Concept at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2015

‘Popularity of glamping grows as Camping and Caravanning Club reveals historic links with popular camping trend.’

By Kathleen Robertson

English adventurer, author and broadcaster – Ben Fogle – has announced the latest offering from the Camping and Caravanning Club of Great Britain. ‘Ready Camp’ is the latest, and one of the most exciting additions to the Glamping market in the UK. He revealed that Glamorous Camping is now one of the country’s most popular holiday options.


The Ready Camp tents can be found at 17 of the Camping and Caravanning Club’s sites across the country and are often close to some of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations. This network allows would be adventurers the chance to experience life under canvass but with added comfort and sophistication. It also means that holiday makers no longer have to invest in purchasing all the equipment and sleep soundly in the knowledge that they’re staying with a trusted operator.

Robert Louden MBE, Director General, said: “Ready Camp takes away the pressure of purchasing and transporting camping equipment and our holidays are the prefect way for families to try this popular pastime in a home-from-home environment.”


With accommodation for up to six people per tent, there’s bags of room for the whole family. These wonderful glamping units come fully furnished with a double bed, triple bunk bed and a single stow-away bed. All visitors need to bring is their own bedding.

A couple on a Ready Camp holiday

A bespoke designed kitchen unit is included in the tastefully designed safari-style tent and features a two plate hob, fridge, microwave and all the necessary cooking utensils. The sleeping areas can be closed off for privacy both from each other and from the main living area which is furnished with a Sofa as well as a dining table and six chairs. Each unit has a lockable storage cabinet and is equipped with electric sockets and lights. The clubs renowned washroom facilities are available to Ready Campers who are guaranteed facilities of the highest standards. A Ready Camp holiday can cost as little as £20 per unit per night during the low season.

The popularity of glamping continues to grow and many more campsite operators are beginning to offer glamping-style accommodation. The term ‘Glamping’ was searched for, on average, 33,000 times per month during 2014 (Google UK). In comparison, the term ‘Camping’ only received an average of 22,000 searches per month, demonstrating the demand for this ever expanding holiday option.


In 2014 the Camping and Caravanning Club saw a 15% increase in bookings for the pods, safari tents and wigwams across its Club Site network.


Many people see it as a new trend, but the truth is that the practice of staying in pre-erected tents dates back at least 100 years. The Camping and Caravanning Club’s first official campsite, at Walton on Thames, allowed members to set up permanent tents. During the 1940’s ex British army tents were loaned out to members and during the war itself the idea of Club tents was introduced. These permanently set-up structures were often located in farmers’ fields and allowed city dwellers the chance to escape the never ending air raid sirens and dangers of the Blitz.

Perhaps the oldest example of true Glamping dates back to June 1520 when King Henry VIII of England met with King Francis I of France at what is now Calais. Henry, in a bid to impress the French monarch created a splendid town made entirely of tents – even if they were some of the most remarkable ever conceived. Some of these were even made to represent castles and arenas. King Henry’s extravagant Marquis which was said to be made entirely of gold cloth. A temporary palace was erected using only wooden frames and canvass. The spectacle was so remarkable that the event became known as: The Field of the Cloth of Gold.


The Ready Camp concept is owned and managed by The Camping and Caravanning Club which is 114 years old and is the both the oldest and the largest Club of its kind in the World. For more information about ‘Ready Camp’ including all the destinations please visit: