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Llynnon Mill Iron Age Roundhouses

Llynnon Mill, Llanddeusant, Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom, LL65 4AB
Visitors to Anglesey in North Wales may be surprised to discover two iron-age roundhouses Located next to a 17th century windmill. In fact, they are all part of the Llynnon Mill living museum site and…

Abbotsbury Castle

Parks Lane Byway, (off) Abbotsbury Hill Rd, Abbotsbury, Dorset, England, UK, DT3 4JZ
Located on Wears Hill above the village of Abbotsbury are the remains of an Iron Age hill fort built by the Celtic Durotriges tribe around 800BC. However, the area around the hill fort was occupied…

Castell Henllys

(The Old Rectory Lane), Velindre, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom, SA41 3UR
Meaning 'Castle of the Old Court' - Castell Henllys is an ancient hill fort and archaeological site in the county of Pembrokeshire. It features a reconstructed iron age settlement that was established as part of…

Burghead Fort

Grant Street, Burghead, Moray, Scotland, United Kingdom, IV30 5TZ
Situated in a small coastal town on the Moray Firth, Burghead Fort dates back to around 400AD. It is also believed to be a site of major importance during the kingdom of the Northern Picts.…

Badbury Rings Hill Fort

Blanford Road, Shapwick, Dorset, England, United Kingdom, DT11 9JL
Badbury Rings is an Iron Age hillfort first constructed around 800 BC. Located near Shapwick, it's where two ancient Roman roads once intersected and is reputed to be the site of the legendary battle fought…

Broch of Gurness

Point of Hellia, Evie, Orkney, Scotland, United Kingdom, KW17 2NH
The Broch of Gurness - also known as Aikerness Broch - was an Iron Age tower house and surrounding settlement dating back to between 500 and 200BC. It's located on a square-shaped headland on the…

Maiden Castle

Maiden Castle Road, Martinstown, Dorset, England, United Kingdom, 5DT2 9EY
Maiden Castle is arguably the finest example of a Hill Fort in Britain and is found in Dorset - the heart of Thomas Hardy Country and was built around 600 BC. Archaeological excavations that were…

Jarlshof Settlement

Sumburgh Head, Shetland, Shetland Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom, ZE3 9JN
This has to be Scotland's most famous prehistoric archaeological site. The excavation of Jarlshof (pronounced yarlz-hoff) can be found in the far north of Scotland, on the southern tip of the Shetland Islands. This exceptional…

Bostadh Iron Age Village

Bostadh Beach, Bosta, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, United Kingdom, HS2 9LT
Bostadh Iron Age village is located at the northern tip of the Island of Great Bernera in the outer Hebrides of Scotland. It was discovered in 1992 after a violent storm cut away a significant…

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