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Balbirnie Stone Circle

Tofthill (road), Balbirnie, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom, KY7 6NX
Balbirnie Stone Circle dates back to around 2800BC and once had ten stone megaliths but only eight remain today. Originally known as the Druids Circle it had to moved by roughly 125 metres to make…

Bant’s Carn Burial Chamber

Pungies Lane, St Mary's Isle, Isles of Scilly, England, United Kingdom, TR21 0NP
Bant's Carn is the remains of a bronze Age / Iron Age burial mound - also known as an Entrance Grave - on the island of St Mary's off the coast of Cornwall. It was…

Beaghmore Stone Circles

Blackrock Rd, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, BT80 9PA
The Beaghmore stone circles and cairns date back to the late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age periods around 2,000-1,200 BC. They were discovered quite recently in or arround 1942 and their magnitude went largely unnoticed…

Bostadh Iron Age Village

Bostadh Beach, Bosta, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, United Kingdom, HS2 9LT
Bostadh Iron Age village is located at the northern tip of the Island of Great Bernera in the outer Hebrides of Scotland. It was discovered in 1992 after a violent storm cut away a significant…

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