Battlefields Battlefields
Bridges Bridges
Castle Mounds Castle Mounds
Cave Houses Cave Houses
Follies Follies
Forts Forts and Bunkers
Grand Houses and Palaces Grand Houses and Palaces
Heritage Buildings Heritage Buildings
Lighthouses Lighthouses
Maritime Maritime
Roman Buildings Roman Buildings
Windmills Windmills
Watermills Water Mills


Art Galleries Art Galleries
Museums Museums
Libraries Libraries
Visitor Centres Visitor Centres


Amusement Parks Amusement Parks
Piers Piers
Theatres Theatres and Music Halls
Waxworks Waxworks


Airports Airports
Cableways Cablecars Cableways
Canals and Boat Lifts Canals and Boatlifts
Cliff Railways Cliff Railways
Harbours and Docks Harbours and Docks
Heritage Railways Heritage Railways and Trams
Train and Bus Stations Travel Hubs



Petroglyphs and Ancient Monuments Petroglyphs and Ancient Monuments
Hill Forts Hill Forts
Megaliths and Barrows Megaliths and Barrows


Beaches and Coves Beaches and Coves
Caves and Potholes Caves and Potholes
Hills and Mountains Hills and Mountains
Islands Islands
Lakes and Lochs Lakes and Reservoirs
Look Out Points Lookout Points
Moors and Downs Moors and Downs
Rivers and Streams Rivers and Streams
Rock Formations Rock Formations
Sea and Coastal Features Sea Features
Valley and Gorges Valleys and Gorges
Waterfalls Waterfalls and Rapids
Wells and Fountains Wells and Fountains
Wetlands and Marshes Wetlands and Marshes


Clock Towers Clock Towers
Dykes Dykes
Geoglyphs Geoglyphs
Memorials and Monuments Memorials and Monuments
Outdoor Art Outdoor Art


Campsites Campsites
Bead and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast House
Clubs Clubs
Hotels Hotels
Pubs - Public Houses Pubs
Restaurants Restaurants


Woodlands and Forests Forests and Woods
Gardens and Parks Gardens and Parks
Nature Reserves Nature Reserves
Wildlife Centres Wildlife Centres


Cathedrals Cathedrals
Cemeteries and Graves Cemeteries
Churches and Chapels Churches and Chapels
Holy Pools Holy Wells and Pools
Monestaries and Abbeys Monasteries and Abbeys
Stone Crosses


Mines Mines
Quarries Quarries
Sewers Sewers
Tunnels Tunnels


Air Sports Centre Air Sports
Cricket Grounds Cricket Grounds
Fishing Pools and Centres Fishing Centres
Football Grounds Football Grounds
Horse Racing Horse Racecourses
Golf Courses Golf Courses
Motor Racing Motor Racing Circuits
Shooting and Archery Shooting Centres
Snow Sports Snow Sports
Hiking Trails Trails & Hiking
Water Sports Water Sports